Asia Pacific or East Asian Glamorous Night Time Makeup

Red carpet evening glamour for a Black Tie Christmas event

Like a total film star
Like a total film star

This is a simple glamorous makeup with Chanel red lipstick which was blue-toned to match the dress, and big Hollywood curls for the hairstyling on Friday 4 December for a Christmas corporate black tie event.  The client has a fun and friendly personality. She is Chinese, slim, tall and smart (she’s an engineer and played piano to Grade VIII). I love to discover a few nuggets of info on my clients because it helps to build a profile and to intuitively find the right hair and makeup for her which will not only be unique, will suit her personality and taste. And of course, it helps to ensure in advance it is a look she will love and be confident in. After all, makeup transforms, empowers and builds confidence.


In Asian makeup, complexion and cheekbones is what it’s all about. There is not much else. The skin prep is quite important. A quick scrub and moisturiser is all you need. I also used Illamasqua’s very cool and hydrating primer called Hydra Veil. I find this is the top stuff for priming because it shrinks the pores and it is cool and non-sticky or greasy. Clients find it relaxing. It takes away their day, whatever their day has been. The rest of the makeup is mostly contouring, buffing, highlighting and powdering, essentially the art of makeup art.


I enjoy doing Asian Pacific, hooded or mature eye makeup as I understand the structure of those kinds of eyes very well. Asian eye makeup is quick and all about definition. There is not much lid space for smoky eye, therefore eye makeup is kept to a minimum, neutral with gold highlights, and false eyelashes.


She has very thick chemically straightened Asian hair. After curling the whole head with a one inch barrel tong, I rolled one side into a side twist and pinned the hair down as a pleat. I teased just the crown for volume. I also brushed out the curls to give the big Hollywood effect that I was after. They were nice and springy and did as they were told. After this, spraying with half a can of hairspray also helps.

By the way, I am now using an industrial-sized White Label spray by Tresemme called Freeze Hold and it is really, really strong. I say White Label because it has no packaging, no frills kind of design. It is the best stuff and I only use it for these kind of special occasions. After a good spray you are not only two inches taller, you feel like you can conquer the world. It is double espresso for the hair. I would say wake up and smell the coffee, however it does not smell very nice – just the usual synthetic, acrylic, processed kind of hairspray smell.

She looked like a total film star when we were done. She says: “同事都说好看,好些人差点没认出我,谢谢!” (My colleagues said I looked really good and many people almost did not recognise me, thank you!)


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