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Motivation Store activewear label Discount Code

Girls. I am now a BRAND AMBASSADOR for Motivation Store, a women’s only urban-inspired activewear label based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

I am proud to represent this brand because I am very impressed with the design, good value and quality of their fitness clothing. The customer service is excellent as they answer queries promptly. I will never wear Nike or Adidas again. Those high end labels are not only poor value, their designs have been cut for tall Europeans, and have been plastered with their logo all over, which means promoting their brand.

The wide range in Motivation Store, from petite to XL, has no logo or branding. The sizing is perfect for Asians (i.e. me). These leggings I am wearing are knitted of a dense thread count and therefore not translucent. Therefore you will not have bulging bits sticking out or jiggling. The leggings are firmly supportive, slimming, seamless and high waisted which means when you bend down or do squats you will not have the embarrassing “builder’s cleavage” situation. Seamless means if you are like me and have sensitive skin, you won’t be itching or getting a rash at the seams. I would not recommend a design or outfit that I am not happy to wear myself. These leggings will hold you in and up!

The heart T-shirt is cute, and versatile, you can even wear it out with jeans, and not just for exercising, as it is made from very soft jersey. It is a rock concert distressed kind of T-shirt, you can tie it or wear it loose. The length and size are just right.

Best of all here is my discount code.


Use it to get 25% off AND free delivery worldwide (2-3 weeks roughly). Choose what you like from the vast range of exercise outfits here:

Instagram: @motivationstore360


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My name is Ivy.

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