“I had a great time and thank you! Your makeup is inventive and imaginative. You have a real talent for choosing the right look and executing it perfectly.” – Nina K, New Malden, Surrey

“I was impressed by her professionalism and expert understanding of how to accentuate my best features, conceal skin imperfections and use makeup to create luminosity and youthful radiance. Ivy gave me a makeover session trying out several looks from natural to evening to dramatic. She gave me great tips such as how  creating and highlighting a high arch in the eyebrows and clever use of eyeshadow can widen the eyes and have a “youth-ening” effect. She also had clever tips on how to shape my lips to give them a fuller, more alluring effect. She is truly an artist with the make-up brush!”  – Michelle T, Fulham, London

“Ivy put me at ease from the moment I sat down.  We went through colour, style and overall effect, so that I quickly became confident that she understood what I wanted.  She consulted me at each stage: colour matching my own foundation, giving me options on colours and finish and she gave me tips on how to achieve the look by myself. Sometimes having your make up done can be a nerve-wracking experience.  There is nothing worse than looking like a drag queen with inch thick foundation and having to smile politely , while dying inside. I have certainly had a few scary results from over-zealous make up artists over the years.  I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the final effect; it was still me, just a better version of me. “ – Fiona P-C, Southfields, London

“When Ivy finished my makeup and I looked in the mirror, I said ‘Wow! This is how I used to look.’ I’m 42 years old /(and normally look 42), however for one afternoon after Ivy visited, I felt like the young ‘me’. I particularly liked how Ivy manged to accentuate my eyes. If I had had matching clothes and hair, I could have been a film star from the 40s!” – Michelle C, Southfields, London

Ivy did my makeup (1930s Shanghai look) which was simple but classic. Ivy did my hair and costume too. I was extremely pleased with the overall effect and final look.” – Mary C, Southfields, London



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