Asia Pacific or East Asian Drag

How to create a ladyboy look

I have always had mildly masculine features. I had been asked twice in my life if I was a boy or a girl. Once when I was fourteen and wearing earrings, the second was when I was 24 with no earrings. Therefore it is not too surprising that I decided to grow my hair long but that hadn’t changed my boyish appearance. And not surprising that I am taking to this look.
If I can’t be a lady, then I must be a ladyboy.

Transgender make up is generally personified by heavy contouring-highlighting and false eyelashes. It is not a light look. Even the lashes have a significant weight and properly obscure your view by at least 30%.  The heavy contouring achieves a dual purpose in ladyboyism – to soften/disguise masculine angles and to conceal stubble, if any. The heavy lashes are for something to bat that’s not a cricket ball, and for just plain old drama. The skin finish is flawless, of course, but totally matte and perfect, not olive and glowing. The aim is to create a doll-like idol finish. Any dewiness or ‘real skin’ is more boy than lady.

It’s a love-and-hate-it moment, a dramatic statement. I even got complimented by the (female niqab-wearing) cashier at the Sainsbury’s Local where I was picking up a 2.712 litre carton of milk on my way home. Thanks to MUA Charlotte at Illamsqua for creating this makeup at the East Asian masterclass on Wed 19 Feb. She is one talented girl! And she looks like a girl too!

The secret of how to make this look more feminine:  it’s all in the eyes. Instead of the rounded eye contouring, make it tapered, elongated to emphasize the almond eye shape. Eyeliner should not be short and thin, instead big, fat and winged. That is the ultra feminine eye shape.


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