Day Time Makeup Makeovers

Classic glamorous daytime look with a modern feel

Classic glamorous daytime look

“When Ivy finished my makeup and I looked in the mirror, I said ‘Wow! This is how I used to look.’ I’m 42 years old /(and normally look 42), however for one afternoon after Ivy visited, I felt like the young ‘me’. I particularly liked how Ivy manged to accentuate my eyes. If I had had matching clothes and hair, I could have been a film star from the 40s!”

This look I’ve created for Michelle will never date. It is a strong feminine look. She has skin and hair in excellent condition. She is fair with warm undertones. The idea is to bring out the natural glow and health of the skin and hair using the simplest techniques of black eyeliner and orangey red lips. The foundation is light and provides good coverage. She appears to be not wearing foundation at all.

You can wear this look for a vintage cocktail party or a daytime lunch. For evening, I would adapt and create heavier contouring and more shimmer or sheen.


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