Asia Pacific or East Asian Day Time Makeup Makeovers

Strong, polished business image

This is a look that is quick to achieve. I had the pleasure of giving Carmen a one-to-one lesson on how to achieve this look herself for an important event, a look that may have to be produced on the go, as she will be travelling for work. Carmen already has large almond eyes, the ideal eye shape. She has a high forehead and a heart-shaped face. To make the most of her best feature, all the work goes in the eyebrows and eyes. Everything else is subtle and secondary. The eyes have to say everything before you open your mouth, especially in a work situation. It will speak confidence and assurance before the need to utter a word.

Therefore we worked hard at getting neutral shades to work with bold black gel eyeliner which was winged and connected top and bottom. The crease was cut with brown. The eye base is a sandy candy tone. Lipstick should never be applied directly for work situations. Lipliner should be used and then filled with lipstick using a brush.

For contouring, I would play it down for daytime. I used two blushers and not one. As Carmen still has the rosy tint of youth, I have used a peach for contouring and a hot pink for the ‘pop’ of colour to the front of the cheeks. All the makeup for daytime work situation should, I feel, be matte and rich in pigment so that it lasts all day without the need for retouching. To do so requires strict priming and prepping. Makeup is 70 per cent prep, 20 per cent technique and 80 per cent fun. My maths is pretty keen huh.

Defined lips in pink
Defined lips in pink

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