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Easy IKEA Hack: your own Hollywood style lighting up vanity makeup mirror


This is an easy weekend task that took 1 hour and 20 minutes and cost £30 ($39). I have always wanted a Hollywood style lighting up vanity mirror but they are very expensive. One of the main aims of doing DIY is to save money and secondly to customize something to your exact requirements.

First I had to actually spend money (yeah, I know). After scouring thrift stores, I could not find any mirror of the right size. I then had to make the trip to IKEA and I bought this £20 ($26) round mirror. Then I had to spend more money, buying a kit of 10 bulbs, instructions, dimmer and wiring. There are so many suppliers doing this on Amazon and eBay. The cost is about £9 ($11) including delivery.

This is all you will have to spend.


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